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Jang Automation concerns the personal information of customers as a top priority, and follows the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.".
Jang Automation informs about by which way and for which purpose the personal information provided by the customers are used based on the privacy policy, and about what method is executed for personal information protection.
Jang Automation will notify the modification on privacy by notices on the website if there's any. The privacy policy is in effect since January 1, 2015.

Collected information

Jang Automation collects some of personal information as below for consultation or customer service request.
ο Collected items: name, cookies, access IP information
ο Collecting method: homepage

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

Jang Automation utilizes the collected information for the purposes below.
ο To receive demand for service or handle other requests
ο To grasp the frequency of service use or statistics of service use of homepage users

Period of possession and use of personal information

In principle, the collected information is deleted after the purposes of collecting and use are satisfied. However if it seems that the information needs to be stored according to the related act or law, Jang Automation stores your information for a certain period as the related act or law determines.
Stored item: name
Basis of storage: Use and Protection of Credit Informaton Act
Storage period: 3 years

Process and method of personal information destruction

In principle, the collected information is deleted after the purposes of collecting and use are satisfied. Process and method of destruction are as below.
ο Destruction process
The information you provided is sent to an extra database (extra cabinet in case of paper) after the purpose is satisfied, stored for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and reason of information protection defined by related laws (refer to 'Period of possession and use of personal information'), and destroyed.
Personal information transfered to the extra database, except when the law requires, is not used for any other purpose but storage.
ο Destruction method
- Personal information stored as a form of electronic file is deleted through a technical method which does not allow the regeneration of information.

Offering personal information

Jang Automation does not offer the personal information of users in principle. But few cases as below are exceptional.
- If the users have agreed in advance
- If the provisions of law or investigation agencies require based on legally defined process and methods.

Consignment of collected information

Jang Automation does not entrust your information to external agencies without your permission. If it's needed, we will announce the consignor and contents of consignment to users and ask for your prior consent if necessary.

Installation, operation and its rejection of automatic personal information collector

Jang Automation runs a related department and person in charge of personal information management to protect the personal information of customers and deal with the complaints about personal information.
Name of person in charge:
You can notify or make a request related to personal information protection that are created in using the homepage and services of Jang Automation to personal information manager or the department. Jang Automation will respond to your request promptly and faithfully.


If you need to notify or have a consultation about the infringement of personal information, give a call to agencies below.

1.KISA (
2.OPA (
3.SPO (
4.Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (