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Groove Adjusting Type

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Model name JRX Inter row spacing(cm) Minimum 18cm
Type Tractor attached type Intra row spacing(cm) Line sowing
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 950*230*650 (1 seed) Depth control(cm)
Weight(kg) 15kg (1 seed) Number of seed 6-14
Work efficiency 10 seeds: 4,640㎡ (46.4a, 1,403 pyong) / 1h≪ 2.5㎞ / 1h

Product information

- Tractor attached type groove adjusting seeder
- Attached on the back of a tractor or a rotavator, it can conduct seeding and sideband placement.
- It is categorized into the standard type contact wheel, Global Positioning System (GPS) and additional product of speed control device which detects the speed of a tractor.
- Minimum inter row spacing: 16cm

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