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Features of plate type seeder

  • ■ Hopper volume: 7.5ℓ
    ■ Extraction with tilting core plate
    ■ Burying foreign substances with a disk harrow attached
    ■ Adjustable 11 levels of sowing distance
  • ■ Seed: large seeds such as beans, corns, adlay, etc.
    ■ Dual structured hopper prevents missing plants
    ■ One-touch operation
JD-1 (for full-time farmers)


Model name JD-1 (for full-time farmers)
Type Manual type Intra row spacing 6~37
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 840*260*510 Depth control(cm) 1~3
Weight(kg) 12 Number of seed 1
Work efficiency 90 pyong (around 297 square meter)

Product information

- Single-seed manual type seeder
- When seeding, the handle moves from side to side not to make tracks on seeds
- The hopper is dual-structured and distribute the weight of seed to minimize the load.

Product video