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Features of roll type seeder

  • ■ Seed: fine seed (shepherd’s purse, corn rose),
        normal seed(leafy vegetables, herbs), large or special seed     (ginseng, bean, corn)
    ■ Nursey plant and direct seeding are possible
    ■ One-touch function and seeding roll change method by
        seed(11 levels of planting interval distance)
    ■ Hopper vibrator option (see video in Options)
  • ■ Harvest in equally high-quality and reduction of seeds
        and labor costs
    ■ Seed storing function when backing
    ■ Drilling and dibbling (attachment/detachment of guide
    ■ Seeding roll is made of a special material proper for
        discharge of static electricity
    ■See video of ginseng seeder of JP-6


Model name JPHD Inter row spacing Minimum 16cm
Type Farm master/cultivator attached type Intra row spacing 2~51
Dimension 860*180*590/1 seed Depth control 1~3
Weight 11kg / 1 seed Number of seed 1-4
Work efficiency For 4 seeds (seeds interval distance 16cm)

Product information

- Farm master/cultivator attached type seeder
- Each seeding unit has a dual link structure of which the upper and lower parts operate
- Minimum inter row spacing : 16㎝

Product video

Product pictures

Attached on a farm master

Attached on a cultivator

Attached on a cultivator