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Features of seeding roll

- 1/2/3 row types and zig zag processing (special roll & coating seeding roll)
- Electrostatic-handling processed
- CNC (three-dimensional precision processing)

Method to choose
a proper seeding roll

Name of roll YYJ YK X YJ F FJ MJ L Q R G C AA A
External diameter 3 3.5 4 5 5 6 6.5 7 8 9 9 11 12 13.5

Seed name/seeding
roll standards

Seed name Seeding roll standards Seed name Seeding roll standards
Bok choy, Indian mustard, vitamin YYJ-12 Chives, chamnamul A-6
Winter-grown cabbage YJ-12 Sorghum R-12
Crown daisy MJ-12 Soybean N-6
Spinach F-12 Wheat, buckwheat C-12
Carrot M-12 Rice, barley AA-6
Young radish FJ-12 Sesame X-8
Radish Q-4 Sweet corn S-4
Curled mallow YK-12 Corn U-4

Choosing a roll
based on
a hopper cover

Pour some seeds into a cover, spread them evenly and choose a suitable groove standard.

Development of
seeding roll made
of electrostatic
handling material

- Conductivity test
(discharge of static electricity)
- Constant temperature heat treatment
(stress removal in the rainy season)

- Various way of processing and even quality of seeding rolls through using CNC milling machine